Joelle started Irish dancing at seven years of age. Since that time, she has
trained and competed both locally and internationally.

Joelle completed her Masters in Irish dance performance in Limerick,
Ireland and obtained her Irish dance teaching certificate (T.C.R.G.) the
following year in Belfast, Ireland.

Irish dance has always has always been an integral part of Joelle's life and
she enjoys sharing Irish dance with others through performing with Dara.
Clare has been Irish dancing since the age of seven. She trained at the
Glendarragh School of Irish Dancing in Derby, England, where she
competed for ten years throughout Great Britain and Ireland.

Since moving to Canada she has continued to follow her passion for
dancing, and loves performing with Dara. Clare's family, who hail from
Co Tipperary, Ireland are happy that she's keeping the Irish culture alive
across the pond!
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Joelle Sheppard
Clare O'Byrne
Lace Shaw
Lonni is incredibly talented. She has been playing music since the age of 10.
And since discovering that she had a natural talent for singing at the age of 18,
Lonni began a career as a singer/songwriter. In addition to these talents, Lonni
started Irish dancing at the age of 12. She competed and enjoyed Irish dancing
as a recreational pastime until she was invited to share her passion for Irish
dancing with others by joining Dara.

Lonni works as a dental assistant and in her spare time, likes to take
photographs for her blossoming company "Antique Memories Photography."

Lonni is a valuable member of Dara and her passion and natural talent come
through in each performance.
Lonni Ewing
Lace started dancing at the age of 3, learning Ballet, Tap and Jazz. At the age of 7,
Lace took up Highland Dancing and competed at both the Local and National
levels. She also had the opportunity to Dance and Perform with some of Calgary's
well known Companies, including Youth Dance Unlimited, The Young Canadians,
and of course The Alberta Ballet.

At 16 Lace decided to take on a new Challenge and found that in Irish Dancing.
Lace has had the opportunity to compete and train both in Canada with MJP
Academy and Australia with the Christine Ayers School in Melbourne.

" My love of Irish Dance has never changed since I started at 16, no matter what
Irish Dancing has always kept me smiling. Dara has opened the door for me to
perform again and I love it."
Laura Brocklehurst
Hailing from St. John's, Newfoundland, where traditional Irish dance is a
part of life, Laura has always been immersed in Irish culture. She began
formal Irish dance training with iDance in St. John's. When she moved to
Fredericton for law school she started dancing competitively with the
Standford School of Irish Dance.

Since moving to Calgary to pursue her career as a lawyer, Laura has
continued dancing competitively with the MJP Academy. She is thrilled to
be able to share her passion for Irish dance and Irish culture by
performing with Dara.

Starting with the Regent Academy at the age of 7, Kelly has currently been
Irish dancing for fourteen years, taking frequent workshops from world
champion John Timm.

Kelly has competed at the National Irish dance Championships numerous
times, achieving as high as 19th place, has competed at the World Irish
Dancing Championships twice, and has qualified to dance once again at the
World Championships this year in 2010.
Kelly Thomas